The Authentic Indian

We started with a proposal to build a restaurant with a style that was previously unknown in Wales, serving Fine Dining Indian Food of the highest standard, in beautiful surroundings.

Our carefully created menu avoids many of the ‘Euro-Indian’ dishes you will often find in most inner city restaurants and instead concentrates on offering you the taste of authentic Indian food. Even those dishes on our menu that you may think you are familiar with will surprise you when you taste them, as they really should be.


Your Chef

When it comes to quality, the freshness of food, flavors, and presentation Noorie has never compromised a single Evening. Her knowledge of spices and specialized techniques combined with her original recipes makes a delightful experience for every Diner!
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Some words from our visitors

Such a delightful place with helpful and attentive staff/owners that cannot do enough to make sure you have a fabulous experience. The food was absolutely wonderful and they are happy for you to have a taster of things you are not sure about.
Here, there is a strong emphasis on producing well balanced, delicately spiced, fragrant food - rather than taking things to the more dizzy heights of the taste bud numbing Scoville scale. It's nice to be able to taste all the fresh ingredients, complimented, rather than dominated by the spice combinations.
A relatively small menu means that the dishes featured have all been mastered. Expect a convivial and unrushed dining experience because each dish will be freshly prepared especially for YOU. This isn't a grab and goes curry meal. It's one to be savoured and enjoyed
once a closely guarded secret but I can see that the secret's out - especially amidst more discerning lovers of fine subcontinental cuisine. Booking, I would suggest is highly recommend